Field Slaves Working

I did an overly busy scene.
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I did an overly busy scene.
Mature Content:
  1. The Bodyguard
    The Bodyguard
    While I prefer more detail I find this to be a good work, with just the necessary imagery to show the work being done. And the ladies, of different figures and skin tone gives it a more communal feel. Just one problem: what the heck are they cultivating?
  2. Leatherchain
    Thanks. I usually prefer to put more detail into my work, but this one was so busy, it would take forever. And, I think would take away the feel that I wanted for the drawing.

    I love having various body types and skin tones . I love women of all shapes and descriptions. It seems more realistic to me, even when there's less detail.
  3. Leatherchain
    I hadn't actually come up with a specific plant. It's a fantasy world, obviously. In my mind, it is either a type of winter wheat or an Amaranth type of plant. Spring harvest. I have kind of a long storyline in my head, that I should really put on paper. I've got 3 chapters written, but in my head, there are whole books, without enough time to write them. Maybe one day.