Disciplinary Display

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Disciplinary Display Advanced Tanning Grounded Amuse Gueule
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  2. tastethewine
    Feels significant somehow that this is among the first works you post
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  3. LmAnt
    It is significant if only for the reason that it was one of the first renders I made with a new software :)
  4. promet-he-us
    I have loved her physique and balanced features from then start, beautiful!
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  5. Laspe
    See, you know how to deal with those rogue toes when you want to!!!
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  6. DarkFall
    Very Nice Love this one
  7. mjc3d
    Love the depth and emotion on her face. Great pose. Great lighting!
  8. Sophie
    This is an all time fave of mine from your work. Your taut, firm body is so beautiful and the restraint is bursting with tension. But above all, it is your expression that is so wonderful - it speaks volumes!