Read the story, Dumpster Girl, or<br />
Frat House Slave<br />...
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Read the story, Dumpster Girl, or
Frat House Slave
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  2. berseh
    This reminds me of a story I read partly in DA and in another website. A punished hooker discovered by students who decide to make good use of her. Could you give me the link to it?
    It would be a good idea to illustrate more episodes of the story
  3. Trystl
    I've posted a partially done story of this very nature over at DA, under Trystl... which was banned and I believe again under TrystlsInk. I've begun posting it here as well, and have begun creating illustrations for it. Eventually, I hope to have one illustration for each chapter.
  4. Trystl
  5. berseh
    Thank you very much. I'll read it for sure. Had you also published it in litterotica or some other stories-only site?
  6. Trystl
    In the process of looking for a good home, I've published a few stories at a few other sites. So it's possible . ... BTW, that first line sort or sounds like a good idea for a story, just change the word story to slave and...
  7. Trystl
    P.S. I got the idea originally from a cover of a published erotica book, that I believe was called Dumpster girl. Can't remember the author's name, but he was also a well known porn star, or director, or something like that. Never read it, so I don't know if there's any similarity beyond the title and cover art.