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Forced to smile fenetre bleue Cshoes
read the story here.
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  2. TawnyT
    The photo is delicious and I'm so curious about the story. *I wrap my arms around you and kiss you with passion* :heart:
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  3. berseh
    I feel so good in your arms. Like a butterfly in love :heart: :)
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  4. LLXBD
    *masks his eyes not to see the two women kissing passionately*

    May be you could publish your story in this section : http://erolair.com/forums/stories/
    And then post a link to the story in your image description ?
  5. berseh
    There's already a story there but it's not what I want.
  6. DarkFall
    They are working on fixing this right, cause I want to move "My World" over here also
  7. TazLooking
    What story? About a headless woman????
  8. berseh
    @TazLooking It's somewhere in the litterature section. One year after, nothing has changed about the length of text we can put in, in spite of @Punkae's efforts or essays. That's why i don't post anything here