Body Workout - The Other Session

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  2. LLXBD
    Way to be motivated ! ^^
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  3. TazLooking
    Awesome idea!!!! This is a first!!!!
    A soundtrack of the session would be very interesting!!!! Love the dude looking in the window, I do not blame him for wanting to watch!!!!!!!:)
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  4. TawnyT
    That was the first special Bodyworkout session, where a passerby noticed this by chance. In the meantime, every week a horde of onlookers gathers when this special session takes place. The ladies does not really feel disturbet by the watchers, but torture the poor men with particularly provocative exercises. ;)

    Thank you :)
  5. TazLooking
    As long as the onlookers do not start licking the glass or other rude motions. I might offer lightly scented oil massages to loosen their muscles!!!!!:)
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  6. TazLooking
    For the ladies, not the on lookers!!;)
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  7. TawnyT
    *giggles* I thought so ^^
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  8. Kevlar31
    Is that onlooker - Drav2018?
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  9. TawnyT
    At least not intended^^