Berseh in my hands - 026 - Preparing by Robert

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Then I...
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Then I went back to my office ... sat down in my chair ... had to take a quick breath. What was that? Was a spell applied here? I've never seen this woman before and yet ... I've totally fallen in love.

And now ... after a day ... in my hands

She wears the chains ... but who of us is the slave?

I reach for my collar, which Robert put on me yesterday. I think I will further carry this collar as sign for my love.

I am pretty sure, to go with Robert is for berseh a great overcoming. But I have much confidence in Robert that he will do the right thing. Especially when berseh notices what I ment with "preparing". Will she understand? Will she complain? Will she enjoy the situation?

I nod slowly to my own last question. Robert and berseh have now disappeared in the house and I also walk to my bedroom to prepare myself for the upcoming. I would have liked to go with her. But it must be, that I follow later.

Oh my God, I love you, my angel, who just fell for me from heaven and landed in my arms.

Robert leads berseh into Tawny's private club room, where Tawny sometimes holds a special kind of parties with friends and acquaintances.

Robert: "Miss berseh, if you would follow me please, attention, mind the steps"

Robert walks with berseh slowly downstairs, making sure that berseh does not fall.

Robert: "Please allow me to take the chance and introduce myself a little bit, I hope I can mention that you are extremely pretty, but you do not have to be afraid of me, I have been working with Miss Tawny for years and live here also on Tomsen Manor. As you know, we are producers of BDSM articles and so naked facts and bondage of all kinds are nothing unusual for me.

I must also say that I have never seen Miss Tawny like I did since yesterday. That look of love in her eyes shows that you are Miss berseh's very special for Miss Tawny. "
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