Berseh in my hands - 025 - Led by Robert

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Not better or worse. Different, because she's different. Quietly powerful, Mostly silent, soft and sweet and implacable. Knowledgeable, like if she had an entry into my mind, my subconsciousness, my nerves. Does she see how much more vulnerable I am than her? Does she really grasp the gap there is between her self-confidence and my questioning nature? Does she perceive ahead of me, what I will feel? Desire? Fear?

I don't know.

I know nothing about her, except that I love her.

And *shivers* that she's given my leash to this man. He is the one now tugging and puling on the collar around my neck. Who is he for her? How many times has he done that? Tawny is my first but I know I'm of course only one *quivers*in the list of women who must have gone crazy for her..
All I can do is follow. Hoping that his leash is hers.


I observe berseh while she is leaving with Robert. Everything is so different with her. Yesterday she came to my office ... our eyes met together ... and then one occurrence went over to the other. Previously I had many inquiries from subs, if I would accept them as my subs. Most of them I've rejected and the few where I've agreed have not worked for long. Most of them are much too demanding.

But then, you came ... my berseh ... my heart started beating wildly. I looked into your eyes and recognized this wild desire. She stood in front of my desk ... I get up from my stool ... went to her as close I can feel her breath ... I just said "Pull out your clothes" ... It was just a brief hesitation ... no contradiction and she did it.

I took the collar and the cuffs from the drawer of my desk. Once again I came close to the now naked berseh and showed her the collar. We looked deeply into our eyes and she nodded. The collar around her neck, the cuffs around her wrists ... so I first led her into the garage.
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  2. berseh
    This would have been one of my greatest moments -Had I been led by my love queen instead of this babbling guy! Happily you did follow up with divine torments for me..:heart:
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  3. TawnyT
    I do not leave the sweet tormenting of you to anyone else my angel :heart:
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