Bat Wang

Bruce... is that you?
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Bruce... is that you?
  1. WanderingSketchPad
    This is adorable. You should create more fanart of this! XD
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  2. Punkae
    You should really ask @ZealotLewi about his series of Super Hero wieners. x'D
  3. WanderingSketchPad
  4. BlueSmurph
    Ha, I love this!
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  5. theOrdinaryPenart
  6. Punkae
    @theOrdinaryPenart One time, a friend and I did nothing but send pictures of willies we drew on our mobiles back and forth. Mine were all cutesy and smiley, and his were super heroes, inspired by this here picture. :XD:
  7. MechGlenn
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  8. shotokan158
    You made me chuckle
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  9. Punkae
    This is always a friend favorite. I'm a dork, and everyone knows it :XD: