Amuse Gueule

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Disciplinary Display Advanced Tanning Grounded Amuse Gueule
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  2. tastethewine
    She looks delicious
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  3. LmAnt
    Thank you.
    And I hope you can read this reply.
    That would be already the first thing I would miss, if that wouldn't work!
  4. minus269
    Fantastic visual style, as always. :)
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  5. berseh
    Okay. For some reason the comment I had left previously -would have been the first one for this image- has disappeared :(.. For some other reason my album doesn't show.
    I've always loved that one, even if it's not typical of your work.
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  6. TawnyT
    *Mental movie projector successfully activated by LmAnt*
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  7. Laspe
    Same as you the first thing I miss compared to DA is the "reply" button to comments. I won't see your response unless I go and look at the image again. That is what I used to do at Rotica when I was curious to see if an artists responded to the comment I made.
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  8. Sophie
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