A Shiny New Mad Scientist

Meanwhile, in the subterranean recesses of the Gallagher Center for Ludicrous Sciences at Great...
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Experiment Number 73 Starting the Day the Right Way at Great Northern U Dedication to GNU A Shiny New Mad Scientist You Can Go To Mad Science U, Too
Meanwhile, in the subterranean recesses of the Gallagher Center for Ludicrous Sciences at Great Northern University, grad student Liz Harper took the first steps toward creative madness. Typical for early graduate student research, Liz was asked to replicate a previously successful experiment. So, she opted for Lily Lacquer's reversible version of Abby Gallagher's acrylo-stasis technique - the one that put Abby's name on the building and Abby's lacquer-coated body in the lobby. Sure, Lily was... well, crazed in the end, to put it nicely... but you know, the line between genius and madness and such, right?

Thanks to GNU's penny-pinching for the spring semester (situation-normal every spring, according to the profs), Liz couldn't even allocate a subject for her work from the pool - she had to go and find one! As if! Thankfully, the Gallagher Center wasn't far from Sorority Row (convenient, that). Liz had to actually listen to her future subject for a while: fraternity party, blah, football game, blah-blah, party, blah-blah-blah. It was like a ringing in the ears that wouldn't stop, but Liz perservered. And now, her spring project was finished, with half the semester to go!

She hoped one or two of the profs might let her observe their work, or even assist here and there. Of course, seven extra weeks meant she could move along some of her own projects too, and like any budding mad scientist who wanted to go far, Liz wasn't afraid of a little self-experimentation to advance the cause of SCIENCE!! Ahem.
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