A bound Angel

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Oh my love,
What a strange bird you made of me! An angel has no gender, no sex. Is it why I decided to land on this miserable and beautiful planet?

Unaccustomed to human ways I fell in love, and it was so delicious, it seemed to send me very high without even using my wings.. I flew fast and freely, frivolously, endlessly while warm and skillful hands ran on my body.
I breathed my lover's breath, drank my lover's waters, listened to my lover's voice.. My heart.. For the first time I could hear my heart pound!
Then I opened my eyes.
To realise I was collared. I was chained to the ground. Someone had cruelly sat me on cruel, sharp spikes and I couldn't understand why.
How could it be that at the same time that I was trapped and chained, I also knew no boundaries?
My love, is it your love?


My beloved angel

yes, it is my love
To give to you your inmost desires
To show where your boundaries are
To show that the boundaries between pain and happiness are closely related.
One thing does not go without the other
Free your mind and you will see, you are freer than ever before

Enjoy your shackles
Show me that you can not only bear the pain, but also feel it as good.
And yes, I'm doing it with you only out of love
Otherwise, this would not be possible
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    She really is an angel!

    (I love the pale skin!)
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    Awesome shot!!!!!!;)
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