Young, hot, and successful Metube icon Satin Bloom is busy demonstrating one of her workouts to her...
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Young, hot, and successful Metube icon Satin Bloom is busy demonstrating one of her workouts to her millions of followers . A secret exhibitionist Satin just loves showing off her perfect body to the world... The more fans she has, the more money she is making from advertising. Knowing sex sells she sets about wiggling her butt and teasing her fans. She is so preoccupied with her game she fails to realize there is an intruder in the studio...

She is grabbed from behind. She tries to fight back, but is quickly overpowered. She has no idea why this is happening to her but she is soon overpowered and tied up with sticky duct tape. Thinking its all part of the show her "loyal" fans, instead of calling the police keep watching and enjoying the super bondage show. More and more tape is wrapped around her wonderful body and Satin quickly realizes she's in deep trouble. To keep her from cluing the fans in on the truth the thief takes off her shoes, slowly peels off her sweaty socks and then stuffs them BOTH in her protesting mouth! She can feel the horrible taste of her used socks, but soon tape seals them in place and ensures she will be tasting the vile things for a long time to come..

After taking the chance to steal her favorite shoes the thief departs. Now Satin can start working to escape her bonds or summon help. Fortunatly her fans still think its all part of the show and her Followers are growing by the second...

Included in this story: bondage, tape bondage, sneaker fetish, gag talk, damsel in distress, big tits, brunettes, stuff gagged, mouth packing, mouth stuffing, sock stuffing, sock stuff, gym wear, fitness babes, fitness, shoes thief, sticky, stinky

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